Avishkar Hyperloop
Developing Technologies for the 5th Mode of Transportation

Team Avishkar Hyperloop is an energetic student team of IIT Madras, made of 40+ individuals working tirelessly to design a scalable India centric Hyperloop system. In 2019, we were the only Asian finalists at the coveted SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition@SpaceX HQ, California, out of the 1600+ teams globally that started. Fast forward to now, we have completed the design of vastly improved Pod 3.0. After promising simulation results, we are now moving to test the ambitious designs we have made for various subsystems and manufacture the pod. With the latest Pod, we will compete in the upcoming European Hyperloop Week in Valencia, Spain, which aims to bring together the Hyperloop ecosystem to foster an exchange of ideas and innovation. We work for the ultimate goal of making Hyperloop a reality in India and across the globe and thus build a sustainable future.

Travel Times: Hyperloop & Existing

Route Table

Mode Travel Time
Car 20 hours
Train 17 hours
Plane 2 hours
Hyperloop 1 hour
Car 20 hours
Train 25 hours
Plane 2 hours
Hyperloop 1 hour
Car 6 hours
Train 6 hours
Plane 1 hours
Hyperloop 0.5 hour
Car 27 hours
Train 20 hours
Plane 2 hours
Hyperloop 1 hour

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