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Pod 3.0

Years of research by Team Avishkar Hyperloop on the various Hyperloop modules has culminated into the awesomeness that is our latest Pod 3.0 design.
In a breakthrough this year, we replaced electrodynamic wheels with the novel Linear Induction Motor for propulsion and regenerative braking of the Pod; and have a preliminary design ready for the levitation mechanism. We implemented new physics to various modules, like, eddy current braking instead of friction; and the electronically actuated active suspension system. We also gave across the board upgrades to modules like robust GUI and automated controls, lighter and stronger chassis and designed in-house a scalable battery management system.
All these upgrades result in a power-to-weight ratio of the Pod that is 2.5 times its predecessors. After the design and promising simulation results, we are now moving to test our systems and manufacture the thrid iterationour Hyperloop Pod prototype.

We will soon update this space with the latest Pod 3.0 schematics.

Previous Pod Schematics

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