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When disruptive technology is the new norm, it is prudent to expect the same in the Transportation industry. We, Team Avishkar Hyperloop, are committed to work and develop on the prospects and viability of this pioneering concept. We are keen to partner with you and leverage on this 5th mode of transportation. This ambitious concept requires enterprising sponsors and you can be the one. Come, let's Leap Onto The Loop and dive into the future.

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Gold Sponsors

COMSOL Multiphysics software is a robust simulation tool used extensively to design & optimise our Hyperloop pod. COMSOL has provided us with steadfast support since our initial days & have enabled us to work on our ambitions.


Silver Sponsors

Pneumatics Sponsor

Swagelok is a leading manufacturer of a range of gas and fluid systems components like tube fittings, valves, hoses and more. Swagelok has helped us bring our novel ideas to life by sponsoring a variety of pneumatic components for the braking system of the pod.


Supporting Sponsors

Suspension Sponsor

Arus MR Tech specializes in top of the line Magnetorheological (MR) Fluids, a line of controllable smart fluids used for advanced motion control devices. They have generously sponsored us mrheo-mini MR Dampers, which as part of pod's vertical suspension provide semi-active suspension control.


Sensing Sponsor

Benewake is one of the world's leading providers of solid-state LiDAR sensors and solutions. Benewake helped us choose the right LiDAR and also generously sponsored us TF350 LiDAR sensors to measure distances up to 350m.


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