SMC Joins us as our Platinum Sponsor

Team Avishkar Hyperloop is extremely delighted in having SMC on board our journey and proudly declares SMC as our Platinum Sponsor.

SMC Corporation Japan, established in 1959, is the World’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic components, having annual sales of over US $4 Billion. SMC has developed a vast array of pneumatic components to meet the needs of application in all the industries. SMC has established a widespread global network in all major countries of America, Europe and Asia showing their active commitment to the market. SMC supports this global network with stable supply chain of products, a high level of technical service and strong communication to meet the customers’ needs and expectations.

With local subsidiaries in 50 countries, manufacturing facilities in 28 countries, 15000+ employees and 33% global market share, SMC – a world leader in pneumatics, strives to understand customer needs thoroughly, after fully understanding the requirements of any manufacturing process and offers customised solutions.

By virtue of their innovative ability and close interaction with customers, SMC aims to continue the lead in the world market.

With a core pneumatic skeleton for our friction based braking system, we needed reliable components and had to be assured of their quality and that they would meet our design’s purpose.

The Mechanical pressure regulators by SMC help us maintain the desired working pressure without much of external human/digital interference. Multiple solenoid valves at strategic positions make our braking system completely fail-safe in cases such as power / communication loss enabling the pod to stop safely. Pressure switches at specific points in the circuitry make sure that our pneumatic system still remains functional even in cases of detected pressure leakages. Thus, we are proud of the fact that SMC components play a vital role by eliminating multiple undesirable and unfortunate failure scenarios.

All the SMC engineers we associated with made sure to prioritize and understand Team Avishkar’s needs to the best of their abilities with prompt responses and regular meetings at our convenience and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

From design to manufacturing, we are grateful for all the support extended by SMC India towards Team Avishkar. SMC components form an integral part of our Pod Design and rightfully so.

We at Team Avishkar Hyperloop stand witness to SMC’s commitment to their customers and their core values with a heartfelt Thank You.