Fabrication of the 400m tube going in a full swing

Avishkar Hyperloop is at the forefront of pioneering the future of transportation, and our latest endeavor speaks volumes about our commitment to innovation. As we're in full-throttle mode fabricating the 400-meter Hyperloop tube, we're also exploring uncharted territories by testing a sub-tube, a smaller-scale version of the actual tube. This sub-tube serves as our testing ground, where we scrutinize all possibilities and fine-tune our engineering excellence. It allows us to evaluate every aspect, from traction and levitation to structural integrity and safety measures. This dual approach reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering a groundbreaking, high-speed transportation system. With the sub-tube testing underway, we're leaving no stone unturned in our quest to revolutionize the future of travel. We are grateful for L&T Construction for supporting us in this ground-breaking project.

Track Return Marks the Countdown to Pod Testing: Preparing for 'Garuda's' Debut!

Following a two-month-long journey from Edinburgh, Scotland, our Hyperloop test track has returned home! It's not just any track; it's a testament to precision engineering and innovation. The track features improved structural tolerances that are crucial for guiding our levitating pod. Both the F-Section and the T-Sections have set a new benchmark for what a commercial Hyperloop track could look like if this technology becomes a reality. With our track back in place, we're now on the verge of a significant milestone – the much-anticipated test run of 'Garuda.' We're thrilled about the prospect of seeing our pod glide gracefully along the track, a sight that will embody the culmination of our hard work and innovation.

Eminent Visit: Shri Jayanta Malla Baruah Explores Avishkar's Innovation

We were honored to have the esteemed presence of Shri Jayanta Malla Baruah, the Minister of Skills, Employment, and Entrepreneurship, Assam, at the Centre for Innovation (CFI), IIT Madras. His visit was a true testament to our shared commitment to education, innovation, and a brighter future. During his time with us, Shri Jayanta Malla Baruah had the opportunity to explore our innovative projects, including our cutting-edge Hyperloop technology. His keen interest and insightful engagement with our students were truly inspiring. Together, we are paving the way for new opportunities and knowledge, reinforcing our dedication to progress and excellence.

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