Tube Investments India LTD. Joins us as our Title Sponsor

Team Avishkar Hyperloop has undergone a monumental change from its humble beginnings, to now holding the distinction of being the first Asian team to have qualified for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition. It also takes immense pride in representing India in Los Angeles, California in July 2019.

However, the journey has been far from easy. An oft-underestimated aspect of most scientific projects is the funding requirement. Unsurprisingly, Team Avishkar Hyperloop has been no stranger to this. Whether it is procurement, construction, testing or other logistics, funding continues to be imperative along every stage of the way.

By generously coming on board as the title sponsor of the team, Tube Investments India (TII) Limited has indeed been an invaluable source of support in our progress. The Chennai-based Murugappa Group company is a leading player in bicycles, metal-formed products, chains and engineering. The company has several plants throughout the country and has received major accolades spanning all its divisions.

We are grateful to TII Limited for extending their support. We respect the immense trust that they have placed in a student-run team constantly innovating on a novel mode of transportation and promise not to disappoint. Together, Team Avishkar Hyperloop and TII Limited aspire to give a giant boost to #IndianHyperloop and achieve new milestones in the development of the same.

As we are rapidly progressing in this quest of achieving higher speeds in a near-vacuum tunnel, we once again express gratitude to all those who have been our pillars of support throughout our journey. We promise to let this gratitude reflect not just in words but also in our actions; both in the upcoming competition as well as in all our future endeavors in the field.

Once again, we are thankful to TII Limited for making the #LeapOntoTheLoop. We hope to have a sustained and fruitful relationship with them as we continue to dedicate our best!