Avishkar prevails at the European Hyperloop Week 2023

Avishkar Hyperloop participated in the European Hyperloop Week 2023 hosted by the University of Edinburgh at Edinburgh, Scotland. The entire week of 17 July - 23 July was packed with the culmination of presentations, lecture talks, demonstrations and what not. Students from around twenty five universities around the world showcased their technologies to jury consisting of founders, technical specialists, consultants from various backgrounds that are connected to Hyperloop. The team came in Top 3 for the category of Full Scale Socio-Economic Aspects of Hyperloop, showcasing their extensive research on the estimated energy consumption and ticket pricing model of a typical Hyperloop corridor. We achieved a prominent position in the Global Top 5 of the Guidance category, providing compelling evidence for the viability of their on-pod Levitation systems. The team’s exceptional in-house designs of the Control systems led to their attainment of a Global Top 6 position in the Sense & Control Systems. Avishkar Hyperloop stands as the only Asian and more specifically, the only Non - European team to have nominated in several categories in this competition.

Unleasing our new pod, the Pod Garuda

Avishkar is known for it’s paradigm of pods since the commencement of the team. Since 2019, Avishkar has been extensively performing R&D to bring out safe and sustainable pod shuttle systems. Avishkar’s new pod, the pod “Garuda”, completely designed in-house, comes with multiple upgrades, thereby making it Asia’s most advanced pod yet. The pod is powered by a Linear induction Motor designed completely in-house, which is also the pod’s primary mode of braking. The pod incorporates bidirectional run capabilities and EMS levitation with a high lift-to-weight ratio while still being extremely power efficient. The pod is controlled with autonomous embedded systems capable of speed and direction control and real-time data acquisition. All this is powered by a 3kWh LFP primary battery pack with high volumetric power density, making Garuda quite literally, a technological powerhouse.

We have been granted a patent!

India is known for it's frugal approach to engineering applications, and Avishkar is no less. We cracked the code to design a cost-effective tube which is achieved by optimizing thickness of sheet needed for tube and distance of the stiffeners which reduces the cost of Hyperloop Tube by directly transferring non-atmospheric loads to the foundation. This innovative approach effectively diminishes the asymmetric dead load exerted on the Tube by both the track and pod, leading to material and cost savings. This ground-breaking innovation granted us a patent titled "Evacuated Tube Infrastructure for Rapid Transportation".

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