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Pod 5.0

Avishkar has been working on Hyperloop pod technologies for over 5 years now, and has been working relentlessly to develop scalable and frugal technologies for the Indian Hyperloop. Avishkar's pod 5.0 will has many novel technologies, and is designed to be India's first completely contactless, levitating pod. This technological marvel will soon be tested inside our very own 500m vacuum tube facility, thereby proving the concept of Hyperloop.

Pod Schematics

  • Components
  • The infrastructure subsystem envisions developing functionally superior and cost-effective peripherals for the hyperloop system which include the external tube encapsulating the pod, the track for levitation and propulsion, and concrete foundations apart from researching scalable materials for the above systems.

    The braking system uses contactless and scalable methods to stop the Pod with a viable and practical stopping distance and time. In the setup, a pneumatic circuit actuates an eddy current brake that houses magnets arranged in a Halbach arrangement. Our current mission is to implement regenerative braking on the Pod.

    We have developed an aerodynamically efficient and lightweight shell that weighs around 13 kgs. The shell has varying thicknesses to optimize weight and withstand the various loading conditions. The GFRP composite is used for manufacturing. The Team has also developed an aerodynamically efficient Full-Scale Pod which can achieve an approx maximum speed of 500 km/h without reaching the Kantrowitz limit. The simulations and testing of a small scale prototype has been done in a jet facility in NCCRD Lab.

    If the chassis forms the skeletal system of a human body, the fluid between the joints acts like the suspension system. They go together in establishing the required structural strength and maintaining the ride comfort. The unibody system is optimized for providing required stiffness while supporting various subsystems with enhanced functionality like providing variable air gap for the LIM. The MR dampers provide an adjustable damping coefficient to account for the misalignments in the track and provide a smooth ride.

    High Power Systems (HPS) ensures safe and reliable power distribution and management throughout the pod. The pod's speed and the force required for levitation are controlled based on the feedback received from sensors. This is achieved by integrating the Battery Packs, Inverter, and Levitation Converters.

    The propulsion subsystem consists of the Linear Induction Motor, which is placed on the pod and provides thrust to it. Powered by a three-phase current that creates magnetic fields, the LIM's core interacts with our aluminium track to create electromagnetic forces that propel the pod forward.

    Levitation is a crucial technology that enables high speed by freeing up constraints of conventional wheels and minimizing frictional losses. Our electromagnetic levitation system (EMS) does not have any moving parts and uses a single phase DC supply current to get an attractive lift force. After the design and simulation, we are now manufacturing a test setup to validate our designs and perform multiple tests. This will help us develop a scalable levitation system for the full-scale hyperloop.

    Embedded Subsystem is responsible for the communication between various subsystems and it integrates and controls all functionalities of the pod. It includes Collecting data from various sensors on the pod and using this data to take action on the state of the pod, It is also responsible for displaying the data on screen in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for representation and data logging. Among all subsystems, the Embedded system needs to have very good communication with all other subsystems to ensure that the design is accommodative of other subsystem's requirements. Other duties of the Embedded system include working on Test Setups that require data collection and logging, working on wire harnessing on the chassis of the pod, and any other task that requires expertise in electronics.

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